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Emily Cohen can transform even the roughest concept into the perfect vehicle to convey your message. Whether you need someone to brainstorm, strategize and write your entire collateral family or to simply polish and perfect existing content, you can trust Emily to get it done – on time and without breaking your budget.

Emily has more than 25 years of experience developing a wide range of communications materials, including:

  • Annual reports
  • Blogs
  • Brochures
  • Channel marketing materials
  • Customer case studies
  • Contributed articles and opinion pieces
  • Corporate backgrounders
  • Datasheets
  • Email marketing
  • Executive speeches
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Social media content, such as Facebook posts and Tweets
  • Solution briefs
  • Video scripts
  • Web copy
  • White papers

Plus, working with her trusted network of graphic designers and other consultants, Emily can help you with much more than just the written word: she can bring your collateral to virtual or printed life.

Organized, friendly, proactive and smart, she's a dream writer. Emily 'gets it'; she's smart and she requires very little handholding to deliver a quality product - often close to perfection from the first draft. She has made complex technology understandable to business audiences, she can write killer copy for consumers, and she can craft brochures and white papers that exceed even your own expectations.

-- Maria Ross
   Founder and Chief Strategist
   Red Slice
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