Pleasantly Surprised!

Last week we were invited to look at an Excursion Chapter for two weeks. I chose Script last year and really enjoyed it (added to the fact that it would compliment my Drama background), however, this year I decided to challenge myself.

I have always shied away from Poetry because sometimes I find it hard to understand. The option given was to look at Tone in Poetry. So I thought this would not only help me understand it a bit more but also compliment my fiction writing.

In considering Tone Mapping we were invited to find a poem where there is a difference in Tone between the beginning and end of the work. I found the following poem:

Fair Weather and Foul by William Morris (1834-96)

Speak nought, move not, but listen, the sky is full of gold, (silence, beauty in nature)

No ripple on the river, no stir in field or fold,

All gleams but nought doth glisten, but the far-off unseen sea.

Forget days past, heart broken, put all memory by! (undertones of sadness)

No grief on the hill-side, no pity in the sky,

Joy that may not be spoken fills mead and flower and tree. (Hope, Trust nature to take your troubles away)

The words in brackets are evidence of my Tone Mapping.

I love this poem, so much so that I have framed it and added it to my new little room to pretty it up!

I hope you like it too.

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