What Will Be Next …

Well first of all, I still have a lot of work to do for my Masters Degree. I’ve just handed in my final academic piece, a Critical Commentary. From tomorrow I will start writing Chapters 6-8 of my story. I know I have mentioned it before but my final creative piece (15,000 words) is due in at the end of September. So far, I have written approximately 6,000 words (Chapters 4 & 5).

After I have finished the course I will start editing some of my short stories and get them sent off. Not quite sure where yet though, that will be another job in itself. I will have to do some research there.

Then I will return to my longer piece of fiction – and I say ‘longer piece of fiction’ because I am still uncertain whether it will be a novella or novel. I have completed a draft synopsis but the beauty of creative writing is that ideas can pop up at any moment so it’s a case of watch this space … but don’t worry, I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, thanks for tuning in … keep safe and keep well.

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