Better late than never … introducing Emily!

My name is Emily and I am an aspiring fiction author.

Since being a teenager I guess, I have dipped in and out of creative writing. I attended face-to-face writing courses and correspondence writing courses but never really took it much further than that until last year (during lockdown) when I completed the free Start Writing Fiction course online via the Future Learn website. From there I completed another two free courses via the Open University website – Writing What You Know and Creative Writing & Critical Reading – this spurred me on to enrol for the part-time MA Creative Writing course with the Open University. I love it, can’t deny though it’s certainly a challenge fitting it in with working full-time and family life but it’s definitely worth it!

I guess I’ve always been an artsy kind of person. I completed an English and Media degree at Sunderland University whilst simultaneously studying three BTEC awards in Drama at college. Following this, three years later, I completed the final year of a Drama degree.

I love reading, visiting art galleries (at home and around the world) and other places of culture.

Back to my writing. I am trying to build a portfolio of short stories and I have an idea for a novel which is off the back of a short story I wrote for my GCSE English – it’s been buzzing around my head for as long as I can remember! I’ve recently dabbled in writing Haiku too.

So if you wish to follow my journey feel free to tune in! I hope to provide regular updates … well that’s the plan anyway!

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