The Power of Sibling Love

It’s been a tough week in our house. Our eldest moved into her new home with her boyfriend which, of course, is the natural progression of life (you’ll note my realist pov dominating here). That’s exactly what my answer was when anyone asked the question – how do you feel about C moving out? – but I think I underestimated how upset our youngest would be when the inevitable day arrived. Z has always voiced her fear of her big sister moving out. Now what you have to remember is normally Z never cries at anything except TV or Netflix shows that she’s super engrossed in. Thursday was different (of course) she cried so hard, her whole body shook with each sob. I only had to glance at her forlorn features and she set me off too.

When they were younger they had their usual sibling fights. They’d always squabble over the same spot on the settee, bearing in mind we have a two seater and a three seater. I remember them having snowball fights in the back garden using our humongous trampoline as a shield and one of them going off in a huff once they’d been hit. I also remember fearing they would never get along as sometimes they would argue so much, thankfully their relationship changed for the better over time. During lockdown they had movie nights (I’d buy sweets and popcorn for the occasion). They’d share sisterly jokes that we (the parents) didn’t understand – of course there is no reason for that to stop.

Going back to the day C left home. We were loading my car with more of C’s belongings when I asked Z to look at putting the seats down in the back of my car whilst I hung some washing. When I returned to the garage she was lying in the back seats sobbing her little heart out. I pulled her out and hugged her tight reminding her that her big sister didn’t live far away and we would visit often.

I knew I wanted to write something to try to convey that day but I wasn’t sure what. Thankfully last night inspiration came in the form of the haiku below:

A fractured heart lost

Weeping eyes unrelenting

As she waves goodbye

Life is going to be a little different for our girls. From now there’ll be new sisterly memories to make … at a new location.

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