A Cherished Moment in Time

I want to share a cherished memory with you.

When I lived at home, every Friday night, my younger sisters and I would gather around the television set with our mum and watch the three half hour comedies of the day: Roseanne, Cheers and The Golden Girls.

The reason why this memory is so cherished is because it was time spend with our mum. She used to peel fruit for us all to eat. We might have had sour-sweet golden delicious apples, big fat juicy oranges or ruby red pomegranate – it really didn’t matter (what did matter was the love adorned on us by our mum in the act of doing so).

I will never forget how she filled the room with such happiness and laughter. Her dark brown eyes danced, her red cheeks shined as she’d share a story/joke or two and we’d giggle in response till our bellies hurt.

I will always remember these days with such fondness so much so that I want to pay tribute to the love she gave and shared with us every single day. To you mum …

her maternal air

permeates the room with joy

laughter runs amok

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