2 days to go!

I still can't quite believe that it's two years since I began my Masters degree! In two days time we will find out our results. Am I nervous? Just a tad! We handed our final assignment in at the end of September. Feels like a lifetime ago. What have I been doing since then you … Continue reading 2 days to go!

Dining Room Art … and Richard Macneil!

Romantic City Life I'd been looking for some form of Art for our newly decorated kitchen/diner for some time and wasn’t one hundred percent sure of what I wanted. What I did know was that I wanted something with a bit of colour, not too garish ... something more ... complimentary. I came across these … Continue reading Dining Room Art … and Richard Macneil!

A Cherished Moment in Time

I want to share a cherished memory with you. When I lived at home, every Friday night, my younger sisters and I would gather around the television set with our mum and watch the three half hour comedies of the day: Roseanne, Cheers and The Golden Girls. The reason why this memory is so cherished … Continue reading A Cherished Moment in Time