2 days to go!

I still can't quite believe that it's two years since I began my Masters degree! In two days time we will find out our results. Am I nervous? Just a tad! We handed our final assignment in at the end of September. Feels like a lifetime ago. What have I been doing since then you … Continue reading 2 days to go!

I am a Writer!

Today marks the first day I have said out loud to someone that "I am a Writer" and I want to share my experience with you. I hope you don't mind! I went to the opticians today with trepidation because, ultimately, I know my eyesight has deteriorated with age. I'm not gonna lie to you, … Continue reading I am a Writer!

Books, Books & More Books … and Thank You!

My New Mini Library! For my final post of the year I want to share my new mini library with you. I finally have a home for all my books. For years they have been either stored in plastic boxes in our loft or scattered here and there about the house. It may not be … Continue reading Books, Books & More Books … and Thank You!