An Update!

So I have just handed in my first assignment which means I have now finished Block 1 of my study year (there are 6 altogether). My first assignment is my first chapter. Fingers and toes crossed for a good mark!

I am still undecided whether this will be a novella or a novel, time will tell I guess. You know it’s quite a jump – writing short stories to writing a novel. It’s scares me a little if I am honest.

So far, I like my new tutor. She is organised and very helpful. Our tutor group is smaller than last year and not everyone participates. It’s weird going from a tutor group that was super vocal to one that is very quiet. I do try to give feedback to everyone when they post even though I’m not the most confident at doing so. Everyone seems so widely read too, I’m in awe!

I feel guilty that I haven’t posted anything on my blog in a while but currently this is the way it has to be. Study comes first! Please do keep tuned in, I promise to post when I can. In the meantime, take care and thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog post.

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