Slow Progress!

I have to admit guilt is getting the better of me, especially at the moment. Life has been super busy and sadly there’s been a few challenges at home that have kept my head out of the game.

Since finishing my Masters (back at the end of September last year) I have only completed one more chapter.

Yes, admittedly, I took some time out to reorganise, evaluate and plan the remainder of my WIP but I still feel I should be further along than I am. I mean, it is now pretty much mid-May for goodness sake! An old cliche but time is certainly flying.

So tomorrow morning I am determined to build on the 400 words I’ve already written for Chapter 10. I want to get at least another 500 words down, no let’s say 600 so I can round it up to 1000 words. What do you say, can I do it? “Yes you can” I hear you all shout (smiley face).

A writer’s life is not an easy one! I have a target date in mind and as long as I am still working towards it then it’s all good, right?

On the plus side, I have been managing to read (some good titles too) and I think I am ahead of schedule at the moment. Long may it continue!

So until the next time. Keep well and take care. Thanks for tuning in.

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