Forgive me if I go quiet for a little while

Year two (the final year) of my Masters degree is starting in a few weeks, the study material has now gone live on the OU website and there is much to do … reading and writing activities, gathering ideas for assignments and thinking aplenty about my final dissertation piece. With this in mind I may go quite on my blog posts but I do very much hope to post every now and again so please feel free to tune in.

Year one was challenging, especially whilst trying to fit it in with with a demanding full-time job and family life. I did it though and super proud of myself.

I wrote three short stories (Elouise, Triples or Doubles and The Secret) and a script (Relative Strangers). I have also written a short story during the summer holiday break called The Promise.

I am relatively happy with The Secret, The Promise and Relative Strangers – they may need a little tweaking here and there, although generally, I have received some really good feedback for each. Elouise and Triples or Doubles (my earlier pieces) required a bit more editing, which I will endeavour to do after I have completed my course next September.

For now, I would like to leave you with a recent photograph I took. I hope you enjoy it and perhaps it will inspire you to write something too:

Druridge Bay, Northumberland

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