Dining Room Art … and Richard Macneil!

Romantic City Life I'd been looking for some form of Art for our newly decorated kitchen/diner for some time and wasn’t one hundred percent sure of what I wanted. What I did know was that I wanted something with a bit of colour, not too garish ... something more ... complimentary. I came across these … Continue reading Dining Room Art … and Richard Macneil!

Better late than never … introducing Emily!

My name is Emily and I am an aspiring fiction author. Since being a teenager I guess, I have dipped in and out of creative writing. I attended face-to-face writing courses and correspondence writing courses but never really took it much further than that until last year (during lockdown) when I completed the free Start … Continue reading Better late than never … introducing Emily!

Visiting Monet’s House & Garden

During the summer of 2014 we visited Monet's house and garden at Giverny. Once you enter the garden, especially the area that houses the lily pond, you can clearly see how this influenced Claude Monet's art. Monet was particularly fascinated by the play of light and reflections of clouds on water hence the building of … Continue reading Visiting Monet’s House & Garden